Georgia Cotton Commission supports immigration reform

The Georgia Cotton Commission joins with other agricultural groups in strong support of S. 744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act.  This bill accommodates the on-farm labor needs of agricultural producers in the short and long-terms.  That is, the bill preserves agriculture’s seasoned labor force by enabling undocumented workers’ adjustment to a legal status.  For the future, an agricultural worker visa program provides access to a legal and dependable labor force’s forward advancement.  As a market-based program, its adaptability meets the needs of producers, which includes those with year-round labor requirements.   

The Georgia Cotton Commission wishes to encourage everyone’s support of the immigration reform process for ultimate passage through the House and Senate.  This is vital to ensure consistent delivery of food, fiber and all agricultural commodities produced in Georgia.

The Commission wishes to commend the Georgia Farm Bureau for its actions to generate support for this important bill.       


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