Commission Supports a New Program – GEORGIA GROWN

Recently, the Georgia Cotton Commission, along with other agriculture groups, committed to support the new Georgia Grown program.  Commissioner Gary W. Black recently contracted with Journal Communications, a nationally recognized publishing company, to bring forward the first statewide magazine aptly named Georgia Grown.  The publication will recognize the accomplishments and attributes of Georgia farmers, food manufacturers and agricultural suppliers.  Georgia Grown will serve as a tool to market Georgia products to the general public as well as to educate decision-makers across our state about the importance of Georgia agriculture and food products to our everyday lives and to our state as a whole. 

The magazine will also provide Georgia’s agriculture and agribusiness community an effective marketing and educational tool connect them with key influencers and help them develop or expand their agribusiness markets.  Government officials and legislators and others with a vested interest in Georgia’s agricultural will also benefit from the information within the pages of Georgia Grown.  It can also be viewed in full at  where you can link to businesses and organizations in Georgia.

The magazine’s first annual publication will debut and be available at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, October 16-18, 2012. 

Everyone is invited to visit the Georgia Cotton Commission’s exhibit in section WA-8, space 54E.  Representatives from the Commission, the Cotton Board and National Cotton Council will be present to visit and answer questions. 



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