Cromley Farms Hosts Cotton Tour for End-Users of Fiber

The IDEC "Common Ground Tour" group arrives at Cromley Farms in Brooklet. Tour host, Lee Cromley, is on the far right.

The Commission’s newest member, Lee Cromley, in Brooklet, welcomed a group of educators from the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) on one leg of their “Common Ground Tour,” on November 10, 2011.

The IDEC is the professionally recognized association for interior design educators in North America.  It is an organization dedicated to the development and improvement of interior design education.  This group of twenty-six consisted of educators from the Southeastern states.  Professionals of the interior design industry are end-users of cotton fibers and the members in the tour group were interested to learn about their favorite fiber…cotton and the processes that it goes through on the farm from harvest…to the gin…to the warehouse…marketing…the textile mill processes…and finally to the retail shelf as finished goods.

Lee talked about his role as a cotton producer and had intended to demonstrate picking cotton but rain prevented it.  He was still able to share a lot of information with them and the participants themselves picked some cotton by hand.  They asked Lee many questions about farming and they enjoyed seeing the cotton still in the field, the module builder, modules and the picker.  Karen Nikitopoulos, with the Commission, was on-hand to help answer a number of questions and to talk about beyond the farm, including some history of cotton in Georgia, boll weevil eradication, and the textile industry.

Cromley gives an overview of cotton farming and harvest.

From Lee’s farm, the group went to Bulloch Gin, Inc. where they were met by the gin manager Andy Hart.  He discussed the ginning process in great detail and fielded a lot of questions.  The tour participants were very interested in all that they heard and were appreciative of the educational opportunity.

Andy Hart, gin manager of Bulloch Gin, describes the ginning process and answers questions.

The "Common Ground Tour" group explores a picked cotton field and modules.


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